Meet The Team Behind The Program

This blended-learning program had been developed by an international team of passionate and dedicated teachers from Europe and East Africa who love making it easy for others to learn. Collectively, we have many decades of experience developing and implementing innovative programs to build the capacity of health professionals.



The North Coast Medical Training College (NCMTC) is located in Mtwapa, Kilifi, Kenya. It brings on board hands-on experience in the implementation of well-designed competence-based, student-centered curricula for health professionals in Kenya. At the NCMTC, all the teaching staff are expected to complete a program on facilitating competence-based education as a requirement to continue being faculty members.

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The School for Health Professions Education (SHE) at Maastricht University is one of the world leaders in the field of health professions education, with more than 35 years of experience implementing student-centered learning. SHE, through its office of international collaboration (SHE collaborates) has availed its expertise in innovative curricula design and management, mentorship, evaluation and research.



A key stakeholder, the ECSA-HC (East Central and Southern Africa Health Community) is an African intergovernmental organization with nine member states. ECSA-HC's mandate is to promote and encourage efficiency and relevance in the provision of health services in the region. ECSA-HC will provide the platform to make the course accessible to all health professional educators in the whole of the ECSA region.

We'll teach you what we do

As you can probably tell from the team makeup, we don’t just talk about how you should teach. We actually practice it. During this course, you’ll get to experience and learn about various approaches you can use to enable learning.

We’ll show you some of the ‘tools’ in our toolbox. You’ll then have the opportunity to choose and apply the tools you’ll want to use when creating learning experiences for your own learners.

"Great teachers don't teach - they act as role models and form personal connections beyond the classroom; they acknowledge that they have been honored with an opportunity to help shape the destiny of their students; they realize that developing a person is a team affair; they celebrate the individuality in their students and their own uniqueness; they do not have all the answers; they engineer learning experiences and ensure the learners' take the driver's seat as they graciously get out of the way..." Marsellah strives to be a great teacher of the health professionals.
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Marsellah Ogendo
Norbert is not only a medical educator, but an e-learning evangelist with a lot of experience implementing e- and m-learning initiatives. He worked with IntraHealth international as a distance learning manager between 2012 and 2014. He's a consultant for k4health project, John Hopkins university and intrahealth for an initiative on mobile learning in reproductive health and monitoring and evaluation for lake Victoria basin commission. For over 20 years, he worked with KMTC and the Belgium Government via a donor agency (VVOB) to introduce the skilllslab methodology.
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Norbert Boruett
Marianne studied Medicine and Anthropology at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands and completed her post-graduate diploma in Tropical Medicine at the Netherlands School of Public Health. After working for some years in the Netherlands, she moved to Kenya in 2003 to implement training programs in Kenya and surrounding countries to improve training of medical and paramedical staff for 13 years. She's a research department linked to North Coast Medical Training College and has initiated several researches in health systems, specifically human resources for health.
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Marianne Darwinkel
Geraldine studied Medicine at the Medical Faculty of Maastricht University and thus trained as a medical professional in an innovative educational manner (e.g. by Problem Based Learning and Early Clinical Exposure). After graduation she worked a few years in regional health centres and hospitals, getting experience in medical practice. Subsequently, she turned to medical education. She lived and worked in Sudan and Kenya for several years. She assisted universities as a consultant for longer and shorter durations to change to innovative ways of health professional education. As Director of SHE Collaborates, she meets many people with a great need to learn how to enable learning alongside their busy private and professional lives. That's what she values highly: making education accessible and meaningful for all!
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Geraldine Beaujean