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North Coast MTC provides a number of unique medical courses that will help start your career and build your future.



North Coast MTC currently has five departments and offers quality facilities and accommodation for optimal study.

Why study with us?

Why study with us?We employ a very unique and effective methodology of imparting knowledge and skills called Competency Based Learning.

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Remember to contact us on 0708 235 208, 0713 788  077 if you have any inquiries about our courses and any other details.

We pride ourselves by having state of the art ICT center with modern computers and free internet access all the time.

North Coast Medical Training College Computer Lab is fully equipped to enable students to conduct their research online. The lab is connected to the wider Campus Area Network which enables students to access and share resources over network, including E-books which are centrally located in a server found within the network.

The access to the internet also enables the students to access our online E-Learning platform and also the college Enterprise Resource Planning system which contains all vital information for continuing students as they may need from time to time.

The computer lab is open all day, with very supportive ICT stuff at the college who are always available to offer assistance to the students all the time. The computer lab is fitted with the latest ICT equipment which suits the modern needs of the medical world with respect to Information Technology, besides it being spacious enough to accommodate many users at a time.

You are welcome to learn with us, and benefit from the latest technological trends in the ICT world. 

Our Clients' Testimonials

I am a proud nutrition and dietetics student of North Coast Medical Training College. In this college learning is fun and also it makes students to be very active. The student competency based learning actually makes one to learn more and gain more knowledge.


Due to this type of learning I see myself going very far in that I will be able to be a professional who is very competent.


Since I joined this college I had my expectations and they were all met and also I have gotten more out of it.


Mariam S. Ahmed, Student



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