Tuesday Talk

Tuesday’s talk on Menstrual Protection and the environmental impact of using one use products in Kenya was awesome and the feedback was amazing courtesy of Freedom4girls group. Students (the target group) enjoyed the talk and divided themselves into groups (convo groups) of both genders so that they can get the vital information the presenter had to share this was a wonderful experience as it will break the stigma and taboo. Students got empowered and vowed to be ambassadors of sharing the information to each other and to people at home. Thanks to Madam Lucy Wendy and the presenter Madam Tina for the support and corporation through out the talk. Packs were given to the needy students and were educated on the use of organicup. A student who had an experience of them, shared a testimony of how good they are/were. Then just time to join the worldwide virtual conference run by UNICEF on Menstrual Health Management in schools, lots of amazing contacts made all over the world.

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