Clinical Medicine and Surgery.

It’s a course that enables you to practice medicine and perform minor surgeries at diploma level. During your practice you will be able to interview patients (History taking) to know what they are suffering from, examine patient and find out what they are suffering from, order investigations and interpret them and give the correct treatment to the patients. The treatment you will be able to give can be medical treatment (use of drugs/medicines) or perform a minor surgical operation/procedure. Also you can conduct deliveries

You will be able to work in different areas including hospitals both government and private, NGOs, faith based organizations, and many more.

Course Coverage:

The course covers various areas including health of children, adults, reproductive health, surgery, management and health of the communities we live in.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of training you will be able to:

  1. Interview patients to understand what a patient is suffering from (history taking)
  2. Do a complete physical examination to understand his/her problem well (physical examination)
  3. Investigate the patient appropriately as per the need and also interpret the results very well (investigation)
  4. Treating patients appropriately (use of medicines or surgical). Also conducting deliveries (treatment)
  5. Follow-up patients/clients to prevent complications and monitoring how they are progressing
  6. Carrying out promotive, preventive and curative measure for individuals and communities



Entry Requirement:

Mean Grade: C (plain)

English/Kiswahili C (plain)

Biology C (plain)

Chemistry C (plain)

Mathematics/Physics C- (minus)

Duration of the Course:

 The course is 3years in college and a 1 year internship.

The 3 years in college it will be of theory and a lot of hospital attachments.

After the 3 year you will proceed for 1 year internship which you will be posted by the clinical officer’s council which is the regulatory body.

Career Progression:

 After the diploma you can proceed and specialize in different areas of your choice at a higher diploma level (HND) or proceed directly to degree level ( Clinical Medicine) and then Masters and PHD levels.

There are various specialties at Higher Diploma level including: reproductive health, paediatrics, anesthesia, dermatology, Ears, Nose and Throat (ENT), skin and lungs and ophthalmology

After the degree you can also specialize in different areas including: family health, accidents and emergence medicine, forensics medicine and other related fields.

After the masters the field is open for you to do any PHD you want

Regulation and Certification:

The college and the course is certified by the Clinical Officers Council (C.O.C) which is the regulatory body responsible for Training, Registration and Licensing of clinical officers.

At the end of 3 years in college you will do Final Qualifying Exam (FQE) and upon graduation you will be awarded a diploma certificate in clinical medicine & surgery from the institution.

After FQE you will do C.O.C exam which allows you to proceed for internship. After internship you will be registered as a qualified clinical officer by the clinical officer’s council and you are ready to practice.