Nutrition and Dietetics

With the rising cases of lifestyle related conditions like diabetes, hypertension and obesity, among others, training more Nutritionist is the answer.

Many students mistakenly think nutrition is the same as catering, nay..! It is just like nursing or clinical medicine in terms of understanding disease process, only that, instead of emphasizing use of drugs, it prescribes food nutrients or their supplements as a mode of treatment.

As a college, we have invested a lot in terms of improving the curriculum and training of trainers so that we give nutrition the importance it deserves. In this modern era, where we are all moving towards prevention instead of waiting to treat disease, we need more well trained nutritionist to make that possible.

The dietetic part involves coming up with recipes that are calculated based on individual nutritional needs. Recipes can then inform the person cooking the food, in terms of amounts and combinations of different elements.

If you are a self-conscious person, who minds their health and believe in health promotion and disease prevention, then this is the right course for you. You can almost always point out at a nutritionist from a crowd, because most of them live by what they preach – they look healthy.


KCSE Mean Grade   C- (Minus). 

Languages Either English or Kiswahili- D+ (Plus),

Biology/Biological Science, Chemistry/Physical Science, Additional subjects shall be D plain in any of the following Physics, Maths, Home Science, Agriculture and General Science.



KCSE Mean Grade D plain (D)

Chemistry D plain (D)

Biology D plain(D)

English or Kiswahili- D plain(D) and all other subjects.

Course Duration2 years

You can later specialize in clinical nutrition, community nutrition, dietetics or public health. Besides you can become a trainer if you pursue a further course in teaching methodology.

Don’t hesitate, opportunities are endless, with a diploma in Nutrition.