NORTH COAST MEDICAL TRAINING COLLEGE having been born out of the need to fulfill a communal need for competent health workers, commits itself to offer an education format that is philosophically eclectical, in order to stimulate and nurture necessary competencies in learners that will make them active participants in health care reforms in Kenya and beyond

In which case, North Coast Medical Training College commits itself to the following educational and philosophical ideals:

  1. Give opportunity to all students regardless of gender, creed, or color, to pursue their passion in the nursing profession, and become the best they can be.
  2. Adopt teaching strategies that nurture and support pragmatism, critical thinking and lifelong skills.
  3. Provide necessary tools and resources that enable effective and efficient learning by both students and trainers.
  4. Create an environment that fosters and meditates experiences to support student learning; and give a wider perspective of prevalent health issues in the local and wider community.
  5. Develop behavioral goals and establish re-enforcers to drive learners to the highest professional and ethical standards.
  6. Help health students to develop personal and social values so that they become thoughtful and mindful of the sick and weak in the community

We hope and believe that this commitment will give us the strength and the passion to produce competent and useful health workers for our healthcare system.

Our Vision

To be a center of excellence that is respected for its high quality healthcare training and management.

Our Mission

To offer an encouraging and supportive teaching and learning environment that will produce health care workers who are competent to improve the health of individuals and communities; and are committed to their profession.