"It's Never Too Late To Start Your Journey Into Fitness"
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Who does not know that an active mind drives an active body?

Being healthy means having both – an active mind and body.

At North Coast, we do not take health for granted. It begins and ends with us, as healthcare workers. The reason is – we are bound by our professional morals to practice what we preach to others.  If you tell a patient not to smoke because they run a risk of getting lung cancer, then you must not smoke, otherwise you’ve no moral authority to advice them.

In North Coast, exercise and sporting are part and parcel of our professional journey. We have a well equipped gym, a number of indoor and outdoor activities like table tennis, badminton, darts, football, volley ball, among others.

Come and join a team of healthy youngsters,who not only train to be health workers, but to be healthy workers themselves.

“As physical activities are the exercise of the body, so is reading to the mind. Remain physically and  mentally healthy”.